Сinematic Keyframes “I Tentacolli della Morte”

Tutorial: Kraken Scene & Compositing Tips I’ve been working on this sequence for Kraken Attack; I wanted to share some of the composition tips and tricks that make me move faster when I don’t have a lot of time to make the CG part perfect in Blender. With this type of workflow, you can spend more time making your post look amazing, as well as

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Nigromante pt. 1

Today we’ll be diving in the Nigromante’s Shortfilm In this video I’ll show you the proccess I followed to create the Concept Art for the cave. Project files included. “An ancient deity capable of bringing the dead back to life inhabits this cave, for years he has negotiated with humans asking for what they most desire in this life in exchange for resurrecting their deceased.”

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4K & Texture Variations I’ve been working in a lot of shots that include rocks, as this specific rocks were not available at Quixels Megascans, I decided to create mine, and of course share them with you. I made a weathered verion too, in case you need more variety You can grab them in the store or by clicking here:

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Alternate Reallities Challenge - Mermaid


How I composited the “PWNISHER alternate realities challenge” – 20 minute walk-through/tutorial Last weekend I joined the alernate realities challenge, hosted by Pwnisher. I wish I have seen it earlier but any way this was the best I could make in those 3 days. Today I’ll be talking all about how I went about compositing the Alternate Realities render challenge hope you find it usefull!

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